Alotau Wharf Upgrade


Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea

Project Summary

The upgrade to the existing wharf at Alotau is primarily to allow for international cruise ships to visit Milne Bay Province as part of the Tourism Development Strategy of PNG.

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by Curtain Bros (CB) to provide the detailed design and technical support services for the design and construct contract for the upgrade the existing International Wharf in Alotau Port to accommodate 56,000 DWT cruise ships and 20,000 DWT cargo vessels.

The project consisted of an upgrade in the capacity of the existing 93m by 14m wharf, a new berthing dolphin with a linking walkway from the wharf and four mooring dolphins accommodating 100 tonne bollards.

Due to a tight construction timetable, MG designed the upgrade of the wharf by utilising the existing wharf capacity. Additional 610OD x 16WT piles where driven through openings made in the existing deck. These piles where intergrated into the wharf by casting a 600mm thick concrete slab on top of the existing deck.

In order to reduce the onsite construction time, MG utilised precast concrete units for various elements. This included the berthing dolphin and the fender support panels along the wharf face.

The first cruise ship (2000 passenger) called at Alotau Wharf on the 4th Novemeber 2013.

Alotau Wharf Upgrade 1

Alotau Wharf Upgrade 2

Alotau Wharf Upgrade 3