Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal


Gladstone, Queensland

Project Summary

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) is a new coal export facility at Gladstone, Queensland, which will provide over 80 million tonnes per annum in export. Part of the project was for a new marine facility comprising the construction of a 1.8km jetty, wharf, berthing and mooring dolphins.

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by MMMJV to provide the detail design and technical support services for the piling frame used to construct the wharf and dolphins.

The numerous pile bent configurations of pile rake and spacing relative to the wharf centreline were the major project challenges. In addition, the entire piling frame was required to have ±500mm of adjustment in plan in any direction as this was the positional tolerance of the jack-up barge (JUB) which supported the frame.

In order to accommodate the necessary piling variations and to minimise set-up, a large piling frame, 20m high by 33m wide was required. This allowed for three levels of pile gates to hold the pile during installation. The gates were designed to allow for horizontal adjustment and when not in use could be folded down, thus allowing the headstock to be placed on the piles and reduce the number of gates needed at each level. The pile gates also provided restraint for the top of the driven pile until the headstock was installed.

The piling frame was mounted on two (2) support towers placed on a skid / sliding beam system fixed to the top of the JUB deck. This system comprised 8 x 30t hydraulic rams, which enabled the piling frame to be adjusted ±500mm in plan in any direction.

The piling frame system successfully installed all the wharf piles for WICET within the project timeframe.

Wiggins Island Coal Export 1

Wiggins Island Coal Export 2

Wiggins Island Coal Export 3