Meet the team – Elizabeth Webb, Administration Assistant, PA

By June 5, 2020News

In the role of Administrative Assistant & PA, Elizabeth Webb draws from her customer-focused approach and experience from both architectural and engineering sectors to bring stability to daily operations around the office. We caught up with Elizabeth to talk about her appreciation for the engineering industry and its influence on our communities.

What made you want to work in engineering?

Fate threw me into the world of engineering with my first position out of commercial college being with a large Scottish firm of mechanical engineers starting up a new Brisbane office.  I stayed with them for 5 years then enrolled in the university of life with a stint overseas for the next 6.  I’ve worked in the IT games industry and heritage architectural spheres, but I have loved coming back to engineering.

What do you love about working in the engineering industry?

Standing on the shoulders of giants is the basic answer.  Thanks to the talents and skills of engineers, the beauty of buildings and infrastructure can be revealed.  Their ability to design infrastructure which enables life to proceed safely and simply using maths and physics is both mystifying and exciting to me.  Working for architects gave me an appreciation of beautiful design, however the engineers are the unsung heroes making all that possible. Working with the team here at Madsen Giersing who constantly strive for excellence makes me get out of bed each day.

What has been your greatest professional achievement to date?

Keeping responsive and being able to adapt and change has meant that I can pivot industries and bring my skill set to a new table.

What’s has been your favourite project Madsen Giersing has worked on?

Gladstone East Shores Stage 1B definitely was one of Madsen Giersing’s more creative projects.  It was a trailblazing style of project which reimagined a disused barge to be converted into a floating transfer pontoon and swimming pool – with the design talents and expertise of Madsen Giersing’s senior engineers.  Unfortunately, in the end, the project was put on hold, but the journey was definitely interesting.

What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned throughout your career?

The little things matter.  Being a team player and staying open to change is also fundamental.

What would your last meal be?

Peking Duck Pancakes, champagne and coffee-flavoured gelato.

What is the last movie you watched or series you binged?

The Last Kingdom – it’s a (fictional) Danish series on the Vikings invasion of Britain.  The characters are strong and wild!

What excites you about the future of our industry?

As engineering has always had its eyes on the future, ready to wield the helm of change, it is most exciting seeing women enthusiastically enter the industry and bringing with them a different clarity and perspective.

I can see that the world they step into is truly welcoming and encouraging some reform. This is demonstrated by Engineers Australia’s CEO Dr Bronwyn Evans influencing and championing other younger women to step into this vital space.  Madsen Giersing can proudly boast female graduate engineers who are being mentored and provided amazing opportunities to bring forth their years of studies into engineering theory.