Project Summary

Lumut Maritime Terminal is a general cargo marine facility located approximately 7 km up the estuary (Sungai Dinding) at Lumut on the west coast of Malaysia. The facility extends north of the existing marginal wharf and comprises the following:

  • 280m long open piled wharf, capable of accommodating Panamax vessels up to 60,000 DWT
  • 90m long departure trestle
  • Single mooring dolphin with access from the wharf

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by Leighton Contractors to provide the detail design and technical support services for the design and construct contract of the extension to the Lumut Maritime Terminal.

The configuration of the facility was dictated to a large degree by the need to conform to the existing marginal wharf adjacent. The design and construction were therefore constrained by a low deck level complete with associated durability considerations, dictating that a shallow system of beams be adopted in order to minimise exposure of concrete surfaces to wetting and drying. This was accompanied by the use of precast elements to enhance constructability.

Madsen Giersing produced a design incorporating cast in situ transverse beams with in-plane precast crane beams running longitudinally. The whole system is supported by precast concrete piles and is in turn topped by a composite deck slab consisting of precast, prestressed concrete planks with cast in situ topping.

Similarly the short departure trestle was composed of precast T-Roff girders with coped ends to accommodate a cast in situ headstock with soffit levels as high as possible to protect the bearings and to minimise current loading transverse to the trestle.

The simplicity and flexibility of the design concept developed ensured that the project was carried out rapidly and cost effectively whilst catering to the client’s durability requirements under the significant geometrical constraints inherited from the adjacent structure.





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