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The Napa Napa Oil Refinery was the first refinery to be built in Papua New Guinea. It was primarily constructed to refine the crude obtained from InterOil’s fields in PNG for supply for the domestic market and with the excess (35%) being exported to foreign markets.

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by Clough Engineering to provide the detail design and technical support services for the design and construct contract for the marine facilities for the refinery.

The marine facility consists of two berths, one large and one small. The large berth is mainly used for the import of crude oil and capable of accepting vessels up to 110,000 DWT, and the small berth mainly used for the export of the finished product and capable of accepting vessels up to 18,000 DWT.

The large berth consists of four berthing dolphins, four mooring dolphins and a 12m wide x 31m long loading platform, which is connected by a causeway with an 80m long access trestle.

The small berth consists of four mooring dolphins and a 12m wide x 39m long loading platform with a 28m long access trestle that connects to the causeway.

Extensive use of the precast concrete facilitated a quick and simple construction process eliminating any requirement for in situ formwork over the water.

A total of 129 piles were driven and as a special feature, Madsen Giersing designed cast-in steel plates as part of the precast units which enabled the superstructure to be welded to the steel piles.

The first vessel at the large berth was the 114,000 DWT British Curlew.


Napa Napa, Papua New Guinea


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