Project Summary

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by Curtain Brothers as the structural design engineers for the design of Kimbe Wharf expansion at New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea. The existing small ship wharf was demolished and built the new coastal wharf. The new coastal wharf reduces berthing demand for the existing overseas wharf and facilitates cargo vessels up to 5000DWT.

The new coastal wharf is 101m long and 18m wide. The berthing system consists of a series of fenders attached to the headstocks and the mooring facility consists of a series of bollards on the wharf and a mooring buoy system.

The construction of the wharf consisted of a grillage of steel tubular piles which support the concrete headstocks. The concrete headstocks were made as precast tubs which were placed on the piles and then filled insitu to form rigid headstocks. The deck consisted of a series of precast concrete planks and insitu stitching to connect the units together. This form of construction reduces the on-site construction time.

The mooring buoy system consists of a 20t stockless anchor, 20t mooting chain, a 3.2m3 concrete sinker, a 900kg net buoyancy utility buoy and a pickup buoy. One end of the 20t stud link chain was connected to the anchor and it pass through the sinker and then it is connected to the to the vessel mooring line. The utility buoy carries the weight chain and the pickup buoy help locating the connecting point of the mooring system.


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