Project Summary

Curtain Bros (CB) engaged Madsen Giersing (MG) to design the haulway, wedge car, uphaul system and fitout berth for the Papua New Guinea Dockyard.

The slipway was designed to accept ships up to 10,000 DWT with a length of 110m and a maximum lightweight of 5,300t.

The slipway consists of a 264m long haulway with a slope of 1:15. The wedge car on which the ship is positioned during the slipping operation is 110 m long x 30 m wide. The wedge car is pulled up the haulway with a double drum winch and when reeved to its maximum capacity can pull 5,600 kN.

The ship can be moved on land in a transverse direction to the slipway by means of a transfer car, 100m long x 14m wide with a total travel of 100m. A number of 100m long maintenance bays placed off the transfer bays provide working areas for the ships.

A dry dock barrier can be placed 100m down the slipway, in order to create a dry dock with a maximum water depth of four.

A 150m long fit-out berth provides a berthing facility for the ships under repair. The wharf has a maximum water depth of 8.6m at low tide. The wall is constructed from precast concrete panels retained by vertical steel soldier piles.


Motukea Island, Papua New Guinea


Curtain Bros

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