Project Summary

Madsen Giersing designed the temporary bridge for the purpose of installing a cooling water outfall pipeline for the Kwinana 320 MW gas-fired power station in Western Australia.

324 m long bridge capable of supporting a 180 t crawler crane in a water depth of ten metres at the deepest point.

The bridge consisted of 27 spans with a span length of 12 m. The 1,800 ID concrete pipeline was installed in a 20 m long x 4.5 m wide cofferdam, which was driven next to the bridge. Once the pipe had been laid and the pipeline trench backfilled, the cofferdam was then removed and repositioned.

  • The bridge consisted of segments which were easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The bridge segments were easy to transport
  • One span of the bridge could be constructed in one day

The temporary bridge provided direct access for the equipment, which was used to:

  • Excavate the trench and remove the spoil;
  • Install the pipes and backfill the pipeline trench; and
  • Drive and remove the sheet piles for the cofferdam.


Western Australia


Smithbridge Australia

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