Motukea International Wharf


Motukea Island, Port Moresby, PNG


PNG Ports Corporation


Curtain Bros

Project Summary

The construction of a new International Wharf at Motukea Island, PNG, is primarily due to the increased congestion and anchorage time of waiting vessels within the existing container terminal situated in central Port Moresby. The new location is located approximately 6.5 km north of the old terminal.

The new terminal shall be construction on approximately 10ha of reclaimed land. The marine facility consists of a 250m long wharf supporting ship to shore cranes for unloading container vessels up to 45,500DWT.

Madsen Giersing (MG) teamed together with Curtain Bros. (CB) and were the successful tenders for the project. The new facility is a land backed wharf, 250m long by 33m wide deck suspended deck with two mooring dolphins, one positioned at each end.

The wharf deck consists of a grillage of beams supporting a concrete deck slab. Precast elements are extensively used in the project to remove the requirement for significant over water formwork. The wharf superstructure is supported by vertical steel tubular piles.

The construction of the project is currently underway and is due for completion in early 2018.