Madsen Giersing is delighted to have been engaged by McConnell Dowell to undertake marine works to support the development of the new Granite Island Causeway that connects the island with Victor Harbor located in South Australia.

The Causeway is the only link between Granite Island and the Mainland, the original structure was first constructed in 1864 as Victoria Pier, before being extended to connect to Granite Island in 1875. It has become one of the region’s most iconic and popular tourist attractions. Refurbished in the late 1950s the Causeway has stood up to the rigours of nature, but time has taken its toll. A condition assessment identified that the original Causeway was approaching the end of its useful life and a feasibility study into the potential upgrade options determined that retaining the existing structure was not viable.

The South Australian Government has embarked on a project to replace the structure, committing state funding of $43 million with works commencing in April 2021, with Madsen Giersing engaged to support the construction of the new Causeway.

Lasse Madsen outlined the team’s involvement, “We are delighted to be working with McConnell Dowell on what will become a new icon for the region. We have been engaged to directly support the construction of the new Causeway due to our experience of temporary marine works.”

“We have designed the Causeway’s temporary works, including two travelling platforms that will enable the Causeway to be progressively constructed from the Mainland side. The platforms provided support for cranes to access the work front and for materials to be simply and safely moved to where they are required as the project develops. Our approach will ensure that construction is undertaken as efficiently as possible and for the new structure to be delivered to the community at the earliest opportunity.”

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Image Credit: The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT)