Project Summary

Madsen Giersing (MG) was appointed by Curtain Bros to provide the detail design and technical support services for the design of a general bulk cargo handling facility at Motukea Island, Papua New Guinea.

The berth is 210m long and accommodates vessels up to 60,000 DWT. The top of the berth is at RL 4.5m and comprises a 1.6m wide concrete capping beam. The berth pocket is at RL -13m. The berth is a gravity type structure comprising cellular cofferdams, each with a diameter of 20m and constructed from flat sheet piles.

Mooring fixtures are provided by quick release hooks (QRH) and mooring bollards. The fendering system is independent of the wharf structure. Each fender is supported on a dolphin with two piles and a concrete superstructure on which the fender is mounted.

The wharf has been used extensively with high berth occupancy rates since its completion in 2010.


Motukea Island, Papua New Guinea


Curtain Bros


Curtain Bros

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