Welcome Shovona

By November 30, 2021News

Madsen Giersing is delighted to welcome Shovona Khusru to the team in the role of Graduate Structural Engineer, specialising in marine and bridge structures.

Originally from Bangladesh, Shovona joined Madsen Giersing after a highly successful career in academia, relocating to the Sunshine State to further her studies. Holding a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, M.Sc. in Civil and Structural Engineering and currently finalising a PhD in Structural Engineering, Shovona brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

“I am excited to join Madsen Giersing, their breadth of work and variety of projects aligns with my interests as an engineer, and I am keen to start work supporting the design, development and delivery of projects on behalf of our clients.”

“From an early age, I was fascinated with skyscrapers, massive bridges and tunnels and the technologies that underpin them. It was, therefore, always my ambition to become part of an infrastructure design team. With the wealth of projects earmarked for Australia across the coming years, it is an exciting time to be part of the industry,” said Shovona.

Lasse Madsen welcomed Shovona to the team, “We are delighted to welcome Shovona to Madsen Griersing and look forward to the expertise and skill that she will bring to our projects in the structural, marine and infrastructure sectors.”

“Shovona’s background in academia allied to the role she played in Constructionarium Australia’s 2021 All-Female Build means that she has the perfect mix of talent and can-do attitude that will seamlessly support our clients, team and projects,” said Lasse.

Outside work, Shovona loves to travel, socialise with her friends and spend quality time with her family.