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September 2022

Madsen Giersing Supporting Transformation of Fuel Import Terminal

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As part of the transformation of IOR Petroleum’s Lytton Terminal to a multiple bulk fuel import, storage, and distribution terminal, Madsen Giersing has been engaged to bring our design, consulting and construction experience to the project. Located at the Fisherman Islands Tanker Terminal at the Port of Brisbane, the project will see fuel imported via two new marine loading arms and a new pipeline running from the tanker terminal to IOR’s terminal. Constructed on a new platform located immediately downstream of the existing lading platform and the first downstream dolphin, our team will:

  • Undertake the detailed design of the new loading marine loading arm platform and in river and on land pipe supports within the tanker terminal boundary for the new pipeline.
  • Provide engineering advice, including berthing and mooring analyses for the vessels delivering the bulk fuel for IOR to the existing terminal; and,
  • Provide technical support during construction, including undertaking site inspections.

Madsen Giersing’s Jay McIntyre outlined the team’s approach, “The tanker terminal will remain operational during the site works, with a critical design requirement being to not interfere with the existing terminal operations. We are well versed in undertaking critical works in live operational environments so we have been able to take an approach that utilises our experience and commitment to innovation that will see the design use fewer large vertical-driven tubular steel piles for the new MLA platform and in river pipe support structures. In addition, precast concrete shells, tied together with an in-situ concrete infill to form the deck of the new platform. This eliminates the need for temporary falsework, which would have been required for an in-situ concrete deck.”

“As can be seen from the site photos, the construction of the precast units for the new platform deck is well underway, and we look forward to seeing the project progress through construction.”